Manufacturing Stupidity

What happens when the two most reputable scammers in Europe, the French and the Italians get together to write a Finance book? Well they write the biggest Corporate Finance Con book ever.

I Finally Published My Short Romance Novel Online

At the end of writing “Second Chance” story, for me, true love is unconditional love, love that stands the test of time, love that forgives as we humans are not perfect, love that is undying and goes beyond attraction as physical beauty

Writing My First Romance Novel

Here I am again, at a crossroads in my life. In the end I’ve decided to go all the way with it, pursuing a dream of becoming a writer. I’ve written some essays before about politics, economics, finance, and social issues but

Asal Mula Idiot Berijazah bernama Fransoa TongKosong

Di jaman dahulu kala, di sebuah desa di Perancis, ada seorang bocah bernama Fransoa-k TongKosong. Terlahir di keluarga menengah kebawah, Fransoa memimpikan kehidupan yang lebih baik dan status social yang bergengsi sebagai tentara militer yang berjuang demi negaranya yang tercinta. Fransoa kemungkinan