Writing My First Romance Novel

Here I am again, at a crossroads in my life. In the end I’ve decided to go all the way with it, pursuing a dream of becoming a writer. I’ve written some essays before about politics, economics, finance, and social issues but

Asal Mula Idiot Berijazah bernama Fransoa TongKosong

Di jaman dahulu kala, di sebuah desa di Perancis, ada seorang bocah bernama Fransoa-k TongKosong. Terlahir di keluarga menengah kebawah, Fransoa memimpikan kehidupan yang lebih baik dan status social yang bergengsi sebagai tentara militer yang berjuang demi negaranya yang tercinta. Fransoa kemungkinan

HEC Paris Business School: A Systemic Education Fraud

What lies behind the curtain of one of the most prestigious business schools in Europe. From school rankings fraud to sexual harassment, racism, sexism, institution for indoctrination and corporate propaganda arm. Fraud will always get caught in the end. It is just


Imposed Poverty is a Crime Against Humanity

Every night many children from poor families all over the world go to bed hungry. Either in the least developed countries where mass poverty is chronic, in the developing countries such as Indonesia but also in the developed countries such as US,