Who is she? Is she smiling? Is she happy? This Leonardo Da Vinci’s Monalisa painting described me best and my complexities as a human being.  


‘Merdeka’ means independence in Indonesian. This site was born in 2018 as an activism platform by providing truthful information and news about the world. Also with the hope that Indonesia and other countries under the West’s imperialism will finally get their full independence.

In the era of fake news and propaganda, Indonesia Merdeka tries to present truth and other independent alternative sources of information to the public. From politics, economics, finance and other sosial issues.

The founder of this site Sianny Rooney is also a web developer and founder of Real Estate Listing Platform: Rocketvilla Europe & Rocketvilla Indonesia. She also loves to write and an aspiring filmmaker. Her interest includes politics, finance, economics, history, computer programming and all things web.