‘Merdeka’ means Independence in Indonesian. This site was born in 2018 as an activism platform by providing truthful information and news about the world. Also with the hope that Indonesia and other countries under the West’s imperialism will finally get their full independence.

In the era of fake news and propaganda, Indonesia Merdeka tries to present truth and other independent alternative sources of news to the public. From politics, economics, finance, and other world issues.

The founder of this site, Sianny Rooney is an MBA Graduate with a concentration in finance from what is considered one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. She is also a self-taught web developer and founder of Real Estate Listing Platform: Rocketvilla Europe & Rocketvilla Indonesia. She loves to write and recently published her very first short romance novel. Her interests include politics, finance, economics, history, computer programming and all things web. She is also an essayist and commentator on politics and world issues. 

Sianny was born and raised in Indonesia and only went overseas for her MBA in France and during her MBA she did an exchange program with another top MBA in the USA.

When she is not managing several websites, reading and writing, you can find her either in her kitchen as she loves cooking and baking or in her garden, growing organic vegetables and beautifying her garden. She is a mother of two who also likes interior design. She understands she juggles too many different things at the same time besides being a mother and a wife, but she thinks it is important for women especially in this unprecedentedly difficult time to also help contribute to making the world a better place.

Hi there, I'm taking time off from writing as I'm renovating my house & it takes longer than I thought. But the good news is, that this news site will always be available for you. Thank you for your patience.