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Presenting The 50 Shades of Western Racism

A photo posted to social media shows the Azov Battalion – a regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine, with a NATO flag, an Azov flag and a Nazi flag
A photo posted to social media shows the Azov Battalion – a regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine, with a NATO flag, an Azov flag and a Nazi flag

While massive condemnations and sanctions are directed towards Russia from the Western world and while its President is diabolised as Hitler and a war criminal, internet users took it to social media to protest the Double Standards of the Western coverage of the Ukraine War

Social media users accuse the media of hypocrisy in its coverage of Russia’s war on Ukraine compared with other conflicts. While Russia describes its intervention in Ukraine as Special Military Operations, the West and its Western Media describe it as Invasion. If we look at past conflicts, the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc are never described as an invasion by the Western Media when they should be, but instead described as an Intervention. The leader of any of those countries or any country the West and NATO would like to overthrow is branded as “Dictator” and their government as “Regime”. I notice here in France, how the French media has seldom failed to slip in the word dictator in front of Putin, every time his name is mentioned, and Russia as a “dictatorship”. 

While the Western Media are ramping up its lies and stoking war while hypocritically claiming that The West is trying to deescalate war against Russia, the West which includes Europe has been funnelling substantial weapons and arms to Ukraine using the American and European taxpayers’ money to fund its war and profiting the Military-Industrial Complex, at the expense of the Americans and the Europeans.

Government officials, media pundits, and journalists (in reality, stenographers or presstitutes) praised Ukraine’s resistance and have the audacity to show their double standards and fascist-white supremacy ideology deeply runs in their veins. 

CBS News senior correspondent in Kyiv Charlie D’Agata said: “This isn’t a place, with all due respect, like Iraq or Afghanistan that has seen conflict raging for decades. This is a relatively civilised, relatively European – I have to choose those words carefully, too – city where you wouldn’t expect that, or hope that it’s going to happen.”

British journalist Daniel Hannan was criticised online for an article in The Telegraph, in which he wrote that war no longer happens in “impoverished and remote populations”.

And here it is, The Fifty Shades of French Racism:

From left to right: 1) Christophe Barbier, journalist at BFMTV, dubbed by the informed French as BFMWC 2) Ulysee Gosset, anchor and presenter at BFMTV/BFMWC 3) Jean-Louis Bourlanges, MoDem Deputy 4) Philippe Corbe, BFMTV journalist 5) Nicolas Bay, the spokesperson of far-right Eric Zemmour’s new political party Reconquete

1) Christophe Barbier: “Because they are cultured European, even though they are not part of EU, but we are with population that’s very close, our neighbour. We are not facing migrants who will be passed as part of immigration.” – Yes, you European are very cultured and civilised that you pillage, rape, kill men, women, and children of countries you dare to call as uncivilised third world. Indeed, you are very civilised. 

2) Ulysee Gosset: “We are in the 21st century, we are in a European city, and we have cruise missile fires as though we were in Irak or Afghanistan, can you imagine!” — Oh, so it’s ok to fire cruise missiles, bomb, etc in Irak and Afghanistan. It is ok to bomb people as long as they are not white?

3) Jean-Louis Bourlanges: “It’s without a doubt it will be high-quality immigration, on the other hand. They are intellectual. We are going to have good quality immigrants. We can take profit.” — This is the best capitalist exploitation discourse, bordering with let’s reinstate slavery speech, and he is a member of parliament. What a great country France is, being governed by racist capitalist if not a colonial mentality slave master. 

4) Philippe Corbe: “We are not talking about Syrians who are fleeing the bombardment of the Syrian regime supported by Vladimir Putin, we are talking about Europeans leaving in cars that are similar to ours.” — This is the most ludicrous, what cars have to do with it? This man is a legend with his ignorance, racism, and idiocy (Rasisme-nya bisa jadi banyolan legendaris sedunia – please excuse me writing in Indonesian as I can’t help myself not being sarcastic). So it’s ok if it is Syrian being bombarded, as long as it’s not white people being bombarded. Plus he lied because it’s the US, UK, and France that bombed Syria in April 2018 as a military intervention to the “chemical weapon attack” false flag operation orchestrated by these 3 countries in the city of Douma to blame the Assad Syrian government and to justify their bombing of Syria

Again the Western war crimes, but as always they blame it on others. As a very civilised country, France vaunts itself as the country of superior civilisation (le pays de civilisation supérieure) besides boasting as the country of human rights (le pays de droits de l’homme), France could never do wrong. France is perfect, full of intelligent, cultured, high moral, and beautiful french people. Indeed. 

5) Nicolas Bay: “There is a difference with Ukrainians, who once again, share our civilisation space, with the population that is part of other civilisation.” — Another ignorant, but not surprising, in fact expected coming from an extreme right. 

You don’t have to search far for Neo-Nazis in France, these 5 people are the epitome of Fascist France. If Lee Camp reads this, their KKK(Ku Klux Klan) à la française will provide enough satire material for his political comedy show “Redacted Tonight”. 

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera English presenter Peter Dobbie described Ukrainians fleeing the war as “prosperous, middle class people” who “are not obviously refugees trying to get away from areas in the Middle East that are still in a big state of war; these are not people trying to get away from areas in North Africa, they look like any European family that you would live next door to.” The media network later issued an apology, saying the comments “were inappropriate, insensitive, and irresponsible”.

If Al Jazeera issued an apology, do not expect the French media will do it, because racism is ubiquitous in France. They don’t see anything wrong with it and racism has become something normal in France. It is a country that has become worryingly fascist. 

„Nous sommes quand même avant tout un peuple européen de race blanche, de culture grecque et latine et de religion chrétienne.“ —  Charles de Gaulle 

As Charles de Gaulle says: “We are still above all European people of the white race, of the Greek and Latin culture and the Christian religion.” This is Charles de Gaulle, the founder of France’s Fifth Republic, lauded as a war hero and one of the greatest French Presidents. I think we all can better understand now why fascist white supremacy ideology where the white christian French feels superior to the non-white is deeply ingrained in France. 

France with its history of slave trade, colonialism, and Nazi Collaborator has not fully acknowledged its barbaric past let alone apologise or reconcile with its victims to this day. Instead, France is continuing with its imperialism. It is evident that its White Supremacy and Colonial Mentality haven’t left the building. This Fascism is what makes The West feel that they are entitled or have the right to colonise and pillage countries, enslave, rape, kill and exploit people all over the world deemed inferior in their eyes. 

It is sickening for me as I learn new culture and language (French is my third language, still learning though), only to find out how much they hate non-white people which includes me, to realise that I as a non-white is inferior in their eyes. That we are not equal. That my intelligence to them and whether I am civilised or not is determined by the colour of my skin. Thus the French will never accept me or my children (impure white race) in their country so called pays de lumiére (Country of Light). Let the darkness of their hearts and minds clouds their country, as it is their choice to make. 

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