The Blondie Airhead Strikes Again, Marion Maréchal Le Pen: France Will Become Africa in 2060

Zemmour holds Marion Marechal Le Pen's hand as he arrives on stage during a campaign rally in Toulon [Jean-Francois Badias/AP] Published On 7 Mar 2022
Zemmour holds Marion Marechal Le Pen's hand as he arrives on stage during a campaign rally in Toulon [Jean-Francois Badias/AP] Published On 7 Mar 2022

The hottest subject in France at the moment is undoubtedly immigration, besides the Ukraine War. This immigration and security topic has taken over the media and the Presidential Campaign for several months, that majority of all the political parties makes immigration their core presidential campaign theme, except the truly left political parties in France such as LFI (La France Insoumise), PCF (Parti Communiste Francais), and Lutte Ouvrière

There is this fear-mongering propaganda of “The Great Replacement”, a racist theory from the white supremacist, promoted by the far-right French political figures such as Éric Zemmour, Marion Maréchal Le Pen, and some TV presenters and journalists from the Fox-like French TV channel CNews. CNews is owned by French oligarch Vincent Bolloré, who also owns Canal+, Europe1, Les Echos, Paris Match, Le Journal du Dimanche, Havas, Hachette, etc. Monsieur Bolloré is hell-bent to make his media empire grows at light speed. Vincent Bolloré makes most of his fortune through the pillage of Africa. He owns ports in Africa, he destroyed forests in Congo and Cambodia, etc. 

This Great Replacement (Grand Remplacement) is a racist theory where the white supremacists believe that the white race will be replaced by the non-white races. The French media has been complicit in promoting this racist theory in the French public and exacerbates the xenophobia, racism, and integration problems that France already has. 

2 days ago, Marion Maréchal, the niece of Marine Le Pen who is the leader of the National Rally (FN), announced that by 2060 in France, the white French who are the natives will become the minority in their own country and will be replaced by Africans. Marion Maréchal recently defected to join her aunt’s rival Eric Zemmour and his political party Reconquête. Eric Zemmour previously has said that if Marion Maréchal joins his campaign and if he wins the election, he will make her Prime Minister. The 32-year-old ambitious woman is also the founder and CEO of ISSEP (The Institute of Social, Economics and Politics Sciences) in Lyon. 

Marion Maréchal: “FRANCE AFRICAINE D’ICI 2060” (France Submerged by Africans in 2060)

Some Statistic On Immigration

Is the Great Replacement or that in 2060 France will be mostly populated by Blacks true or false? Well, the statistic provided by Elucid doesn’t say so. 

Graphic translation by Indonesia Merdeka. Source: Elucid.

From the total French population of 67,3 million which also includes 1,7 million French people living abroad, there are only 4,3 million immigrants. The naturalised French immigrants should not be counted as immigrants anymore because they are now French. In total there is only 6,39% (4,3 million: 67,3 million) of immigrants. Even if we want to include foreigners who were born in France and haven’t decided whether they want to adopt French nationality or not, the number will still be relatively low 7,58% ((4,3+0,8): 67,3).

Graphic translation by Indonesia Merdeka. Source: Elucid.
Graphic translation by Indonesia Merdeka. Source: Elucid.

The graph above shows that the net influx of immigrants rarely reaches 200,000 per year in France between 2006-2020. Net migration stays well below 200,000 in most cases. 

On the last graph, the percentage of immigrants to the total French population from different origins only reaches a maximum of 2%. That is a very low percentage. Before 1980, the majority of immigrants coming to France were Europeans consisting of Italians, Portuguese, Belgians, Polish and Spanish. After 1980, there is an increase of non-European immigrants coming to France majority of Africans but they all stay well below 2%. In general, the majority of immigrants entering France are from other EU countries and not from Africa. 

So the Great Replacement theory turns out to be wrong and fictitious because it is not supported by data. In 2060 France will not be submerged by black people or even non-white immigrants. 

While French oligarchs such as Bolloré keep pillaging Africa and enriching themselves, Bolloré uses his media to spread hate speech and incite violence towards the very people whose countries he has robbed. His media provokes xenophobia, racism, and intolerance through extreme right-wing figures invited to talk and promulgate this racist but false theory.

Bolloré along with Rothschild and some other businessmen has helped the financing of Eric Zemmour’s presidential campaign. Even though Emmanuel Macron, the former investment banker at Rothschild, is said to be Rothschild’s preferential candidate. We will find out who will be the winners of the first round of the Presidential Election on April 10 and who will become the French President on April 24, 2022, while the abstention rate in France is reportedly high at 30%. 

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