How The French Media Treats The Ukraine Crisis

Credit: MintPressNews
Anti-Russia Hysteria. Credit: MintPressNews

As the Western Media beating the drums of war and ramping up its propaganda, lies, and Anti-Russia rhetoric and amid aggressive censoring to silent truth-tellers and independent journalists (including me being censored by Mediapart, but I’ll reserve it for another article to expose the true nature of this media that claimed to be independent but turned out to be another mouthpiece of the French State), a very few has shown their bravery against The Ministry of Deceit despite the risk of being called pro-Putin, communist or Russian propagandist. 

Here in France, the incessant Anti-Russia hysteria has reached a level where it can induce nausea, headache, and vomiting for those who know the truth and history (psst, it’s not just covid (not) “vaccine” that can cause dangerous side effects apparently hatred and deafening lies can too). All propaganda channels from BFMTV, LCI, CNews, FranceInfo, France24, etc are peddling lies where all if not most of their news coverage are lie where lie is the message now to quote John Pilger’s article titled “War in Europe and The Rise of Raw Propaganda”. 

Raw propaganda is now the norm in Western democracies, not restricted specifically to US and UK but also France and the NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation)’s allies. Rarely the historical facts such as the Minsk Agreement, NATO’s broken promise to not expand further to Russia’s border, the 2014 US and NATO-sponsored coup of Ukraine and the propping up of the Neo-Nazi regime are mentioned in any of these French TV propaganda channels. And the French media that claimed to be left-leaning independent alternative media such as Mediapart, Le Media, Blast – Le souffle de l’info, didn’t mention these facts either. It is comprehensible now why the French mainstream corporate TV channels owned by the French oligarchs never hesitate to relay bombshell Mediapart’s revelations because Mediapart and these other media claiming to be independent are actually controlled opposition and not free press at all. Their news coverage has limits to what extent they can report or expose and what needs to be censored. All these media are not independent, they will sacrifice/kill inconvenient truth for the sake of defending their country’s imperial ambitions and defending French multinational corporations’ interests. 

Only a few that I see dare to write the truth in a country where censorship has reached an unprecedented level that freedom of the press in France is under threat with media such as Nantes Revoltee is in the process of being shut down. The awards for Brave Journalism and Defender of Truth firstly goes to Le Grand Soir for relentlessly exposing lies of the French mainstream media and secondly goes to Les Crises who also expose lies and dare to translate articles the likes of Tom Dispatch. But who knows, maybe I’ll get deceived again. 

The demonisation of Russia is also rampant in France. Invited by TF1, The Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian called Putin a cynic and a dictator. It is ironic as the same was said about Macron a dictator by the Yellow Vests and the anti obligatory vaccination protesters. Jean-Yves Le Drian was allegedly involved in the corruption case “Rafale Papers” by signing off deals where the anti corruption clauses have been removed from the sale contract of Dassault Rafale fighter jets to India. 

The French Foreign Minister also added that Putin needs to understand that the Atlantic Alliance is a nuclear alliance. Is this some kind of threat or provocation of war against Russia wherein the interview he claimed that France is trying to prevent war? He emphasized that the West needs to launch massive sanctions against Russia aimed at strangling its economy through banking, finance, exports, transfer of technology, etc. His  belligerent words are the ultimate display of imperial thuggery, hypocrisy, and hubris. 

Other French warmongering talking airheads who were given titles such as expert, intellectual, philosopher, journalist, etc didn’t fail to join the competition who can name-calling Putin the best. On France 2 TV, after the 8pm News, in a special program “Ukraine: la guerre en Europe (Ukraine: The War in Europe)”, BHL(Bernard-Henry Levy) said: “It’s a mad man who is the head of Russia, Putin is a dictator from the beginning”. BHL who strangely always shows up to give his hawkish views and opinions on French TV every time war has huge potential to erupt, it is because he makes money out of wars as an arms dealer. He supplied weapons and arms to the conflict in Yugoslavia, as proudly stated by his close friend Gilles Hertzog that they both funnelled weapons during the 1992-1995 Bosnia-Herzegovina war according to this clip below from a tv program of Le Supplement by CanalPlus. He also recently said to BFMTV that if we want to avoid war, we need to arm Ukraine. Not a surprise coming from a man who profits from war.

Title: When Bernard-Henry Levy trafficks arms.

In this special program by France 2 hosted by female anchor Lea Salame, Pierre Servent named Putin “Messianic Auto Proclame” (Self-Proclaim Messiah). Clement Beaune, French Secretary of State for European Affairs ridiculed Putin as “une dérive paranoïaque” (drifted into paranoia). Nicole Bacharan called out “la criminalité de Vladimir Poutine”(the crimes of Putin) and “les crimes de la société de mercenaires Wagner en Syrie et au Mali” (the crimes of Wagner mercenaries in Syria and Mali). Nicole Bacharan was very comfortable in uttering half-truths by omitting facts that Wagner is welcomed in Mali and France is not wanted by Mali and its people, that the African people are having enough with French oppression and occupation of their countries. The French mainstream media never acknowledge France’s dark history, war crimes, colonialism, and imperialism but always accuse others such as Russia and China as imperialists. Nicole Bacharan also conveniently lie by failing to mention French war crimes in Syria and turning a blind eye to her country’s war crimes in Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, etc. 

“Poutine est aigri et paranoïaque” (Putin is bitter and paranoid) insulted Étienne Leenhardt. “Poutine est un criminel de guerre” (Putin is a war criminal) accused Yannick Jadot from the green party EELV who is also a French presidential candidate, who together with his comrade Raphael Glucksmann (who is the husband of the news anchor Lea Salame) has been doggedly propagandising the Uyghur genocide and the organ harvesting of the Uyghur by China without ever providing evidence to support their unfounded accusations. One could only ask whether NED (National Endowment for Democracy) or other US-sponsored think tanks/NGO somehow help fund Yannick Jadot’s presidential campaign and pay Jadot and Glucksmann to be The West’s official Anti-China and Anti-Russia propagandists. One also needs to question whether Lea Salame is the right person to host this political show out of the conflict of interest because of her husband’s affiliation to a certain political party that is given a platform in this program. 

I think we all agree that Putin is no saint, but resorting to name-calling only aggravates Western diplomacy (if you can even call name-calling diplomacy) and exacerbates the risk of War World 3. And in war, no one is a winner, Ukrainian civilians and Europeans will bear the brunt of war while their governments, political leaders, and intellectuals only care about their bank accounts and make the best out of this crisis for selfish personal gain. The ramifications of war that could be the onset of thermonuclear War World III will be felt by the whole world.

Putin’s military operation in Ukraine is not right, but it is understandable because he has no choice and is cornered by The West and NATO. He does what any country’s leader will do which is to defend his country’s sovereignty and security that is under threat with NATO’s military encirclement of Russia. 

The Hypocrisy of The West on The Ukraine Crisis. Image Credit: MintPressNews.com
The Hypocrisy of The West on The Ukraine Crisis. Image Credit: MintPressNews.com

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