Ex-Member of LaRem, Deputy Wonner: Macron will not run for the 2022 Presidential Election

Martine Wonner: Macron will not be a presidential candidate
Deputy Wonner: “Macron ne sera pas candidat” (Macron will not be a candidate for the Presidential Election)

Member of the French parlement and an ex-member of LaRem (La Republique En Marche) which is Macron’s political party, Martine Wonner said recently in an interview that Macron will not present his candidacy for this year Presidential Election. In a short video clip above, she said that Macron who in his mind thinks that he is the king of Europe and who already sees himself as king, but he won’t succeed as one, as he will not become a candidate for this year French Presidential Election. When asked why, she said “Je peux pas tout dire” (I can’t tell all).

Madam Wonner left LaRem after a disagreement on how Macron government handled the covid pandemic and she is against the health pass (pass sanitaire) and obligatory vaccination (pass vaccinal). She challenged Health Minister Olivier Veran on his lies surrounding the “covid vaccin” as you can see in this video. The vaccin for Covid should not be called vaccin as it doesn’t fulfil the requirements to be classified as vaccin that Merriam Webster was ordered to change the definition of the word “vaccin”. Because of Madam Wonner’s strong stand against the obligatory vaccination and LaREM’s policy, she is branded as conspiracy theorist by the French mainstream media including FranceInfo which is the French state media.

In the meantime, all of the French mainstream media predicting that Macron will win the 2022 French Presidential Election, without ever putting into account that there is a possibility that Emmanuel Macron will not present his candidacy as Macron to this day hasn’t confirmed his intention to run for President. Does Deputy Wonner’s statement have anything to do with the conspiracy theory that Brigitte Macron is a transgender born as Jean Michel Trogneaux and that she or he is a pedophile and close to the pedophilia ring of the murdered Pastor Doucé? This conspiracy theory is gaining ground as until today it is not successfully debunked and the mystery accumulates, as there are so many incoherences and void to Brigitte Macron’s past as a young woman and mother.

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Most of the media in France and the international choose to report this conspiracy theory dubbed as “BrigitteGate”, “L’affaire Jean-Mi”, “L’affaire Brigitte Macron”, or hashtag #JeanMichelTrogneaux as untrue and fake news without providing argument or proof, not even trying to debunk this theory launched by Natacha Rey, a citizen journalist. After decades of lies and fake news, the public’s trust towards mainstream media has diminished immensely. CNN is recently reported to have a significant decline in viewership and it might gone bankrupt after its management scandal. As things unravel, we might even witness the end of the mainstream media globally.

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