Did Medicine Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier Say that Coronavirus is Man-Made?

Luc Montagnier

Professor Luc Montagnier is a French virologist and the 2008 Nobel Prize Winner for his discovery of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), a virus that caused AIDS. On 17 April 2020 on CNews, a far-right French TV, he claimed that SARS-CoV-2 was a man-made virus, created in a laboratory. He said that the coronavirus has HIV elements and malaria virus. That makes coronavirus not a natural event, that it was created by a professional in a lab. 

Since his claim regarding coronavirus on French TV, the Nobelist has been attacked, refuted, and censored from the mainstream media. Wikipedia even labelled him Conspiracy Theorist. His scientist peers named him the epitome of the phenomenon called ‘Nobel Disease’. Nobel Disease or Nobelitis is the embracing of strange or scientifically unsound ideas by some Nobel Prize winners, usually later in life.

In December 2020, Professor Luc Montagnier spoke to France Soir to express his views and personal opinions regarding the pandemic and the coronavirus. Here is the video of his interview with France Soir. 

In the video, he mentioned his coronavirus genome research findings with mathematician Jean-Claude Perez that proved that SARS-CoV-2 is man-made as it is not by coincidence that there is HIV inserted at the right protein spike. He said “C’est pas par hasard” (it’s not coincidence) that it is there. His research with mathematician Jean-Claude Perez debunked the theory that said that Coronavirus is a natural occurrence. It could not be a natural incident as the HIV found in the Covid-19 genome was meticulously placed. He also launched his theory that they (who created the virus) were probably trying to develop a vaccine against HIV. 

He also said that some Indian researchers have tried to publish their findings that showed that Coronavirus has HIV sequences, but they were forced to retract it and that the pressure was strong. 

You can read and download Luc Montagnier and Jean-Claude Perez’s research that proved that SARS-CoV-2 was fabricated in a laboratory here. 

The insertion of HIV makes SARS-CoV-2 able to attach and penetrate the human cell which makes it highly pathogenic and infectious. The modification in the clivage furinique (furin cleavage) makes it possible for the virus to multiply in the human cell. 

After their research paper publication that proves that Coronavirus was fabricated and that the insertion of HIV made SARS-CoV-2 has a “gain of function” (bioweapon), Nobelist Luc Montagnier and Doctor in Mathematics Jean-Claude Perez were attacked fiercely by the media and slandered by their peers and the scientific community. 

Screen Shot of France Soir's Article on Professor Joseph Tritto
France Soir's Article Titled "Covid-19 : l'origine du virus - L'analyse du Pr Tritto confirme celle du Pr Montagnier"

The Nobelist and the Doctor in Mathematics asserted their conclusions that affirmed their initial statement once again by saying that they have evidence to conclude that there was an inclusion of “strange elements” in the coronavirus genome and that there is technology this day to realise that manipulation which is called “CRISPR/ARN” (CRISP-R/RNA). 

To illustrate it in an analogy to make it more intelligible: Imagine the principle puzzle consists of 30 thousand pieces and after there are several other puzzles consist of 9 thousand pieces each which we are going to call HIV1, HIV2, and SIV (Simian immunodeficiency virus, a retrovirus similar to HIV2 that attacks monkey). The mathematics proves that let us illustrate it this way: In the puzzle of 30 thousand pieces, in a precise location there are 3 pieces of puzzles adjacent one to another (side by side), each comes from the other 3 puzzles. The probability that this is a natural result is null (zero). 

Jean-Claude Perez expressed his concern as he said that: “We have tremendous difficulty with other reviews who don’t want these disturbing findings and as a result, there is a form of censorship.”

When asked who profits from this pandemic, Professor Luc Montagnier said very financially powerful people and gave Bill Gates as an example even though he mentioned he is not the only one who profits from it. 

He also said that there is a disquieting ignorance between the scientific circle and the decision-maker (governments) and he encouraged discussion between the scientific and the non-scientific world to come up with a solution to tackle this pandemic. 

He was also asked whether he is afraid he will end up like Dr. Jean-Bernard Fourtillan, who was arrested and forcibly placed in solitary confinement at the psychiatric hospital of Uzès for his opposition to the COVID vaccine. He said what happened to Dr. Fourtillan was inadmissible and that we went too far in the wrong direction that reminded him of the time during the Stalin totalitarian regime. He also said that he is not afraid and that he wishes only to be heard and to find the truth.

Near the end of the interview, he was asked whether he will get vaccinated, to which he answered firmly no. He said that the moment he gets a bit of flu symptom, he will take medicine. 

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