The French Mainstream Media BFMTV Caught Exaggerating the Fourth Pandemic Wave and Censored the Related Video

French Mainstream Media BFMTV Propaganda, Nurse Marie Cloarec on Fake 4th Wave Covid Pandemic

BFMTV on 5 August 2021 aired an interview with a surgeon and a nurse from Department Hautes Alpes who explained their objection to the mandatory vaccination. The interview video which was initially shared through BFMTV’s social media was finally taken down on 7 August by BFMTV’s management who deemed that the surgeon and the nurse were spreading false information and lies.

In the video, the nurse Marie Cloarec challenged the accuracy of information news by BFMTV who claimed the gravity of the fourth covid wave pandemic and that hospitals were inundated with covid patients. She said: “We are asking where are all these covid patients who are supposedly filling up our hospital?” She also invited journalists to check and verify the fact and gave the name of the hospital’s director for journalists to call.

BFMTV insisted that Marie Cloarec was wrong and stated that: “There are 43 covid patients in hospitals of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence based on the government official data. Concerning Hautes-Alpes, still based on the same data, the number of hospitalisation increase on Friday to 15. The number is far from the hundreds of covid patients hospitalised last spring but it’s still in constant augmentation since 11 July where only 5 patients related to coronavirus infection were hospitalized.” 

Another invitee to that BFMTV’s broadcast was a surgeon named Pascal A., who objects to the mandatory vaccination and finds that the word “vaccine” troublesome. He said that this ‘vaccine’ is a new biotechnology innovation that we don’t have full data yet. He also added the result of the experiments done on rats in Pfizer’s laboratory: “What worrisome is that RNA messenger injected in rat attacks critical organs such as the brain, the heart, the gonad (reproductive gland), and the ovary.”

Below is another video of BFMTV with a virologist and founder of “Societe Francaise de Virologie” Jean-Michel Claverie dated 25 July 2021, that sow doubts about whether France experience the fourth wave of the covid pandemic. He said there is “Un mensonge d’Etat (A State’s Lie/Propaganda)”, which is the French current government collaborates with mainstream media and the medical profession to propagandise vaccination (note that this ‘vaccine’ is new and its safety is still under test) for the profit of Big Pharma.

There is more and more evidence coming to light that challenges the mainstream media, the medical profession, and the current Macron’s government in France about the covid pandemic especially the mandatory vaccination “vaccine passport” (pass sanitaire). The government can not force on its population ‘vaccine’ that is not fully tested yet and putting the mass in danger. By doing this they are violating human rights and should be brought to justice. 

People in France, England, Italy and other parts of the world where governments force mandatory vaccination are rising against tyranny and takedown to the streets to protest. Some trade unions in France such as the firemen and the health workers are declaring strikes. 

Here is a video of people storming former BBC studio in London to protest vaccine passport and the vaccination of children.

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