YouTube Is Pushing Out Trash and Censored Intelligent Content

YouTuber Purseonfleek "Hermes I am done, Insulted and Belittled"

I’ve been noticing the decline in the content quality of videos that YouTube recommends through its content feed. Gone all the YouTube channels that I usually get my information, be either economics, politics, social issues, etc. Those intelligent channels just disappeared from YouTube’s video feed. They are all replaced by rather ‘unimportant’ channels such as lifestyle, fashion, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against fashion, etc, I’m just sharing my observation.

These past few weeks there are some videos that YouTube seems to be promoting, and there was this one particular video that kept showing up in my feed, from “Purseonfleek” and the title of the video is “Hermes made me cry, why I’m done with Hermes”. I wasn’t interested to see almost an hour length of this video and I didn’t have the time either. Later, so many videos responding to this particular video from Purseonfleek were bombarding my YouTube feed. I got curious in the end. So I took a look at one video first. OMG, this blondie was defending Hermes. She said that Purseonfleek didn’t get the bag she wants, either Birkin or Kelly, was because she annoyed the Hermes’ sales assistant by her persistent emails asking whether the bag she wanted is available. To me, isn’t it the job of the sales assistant to serve the customer? 

Based on this blondie’s explanation, that Hermes’ SA (Sales Assistant) contacted HR (Human Resources) who later on accused Purseonfleek of harassment and told Purseonfleek to stop contacting this SA. What??? On what planet are we living? Sorry, is this how Hermes treated its loyal customer? In the video, it was mentioned that Purseonfleek already has a history of buying many Hermes’ products. I find this is customer abuse and you will find the ubiquitous customer abuse in France, that if you are not abused it becomes the exception instead of the norm. France in general doesn’t know the term of customer service and I speak based on my experience living 13 years here. 

I haven’t watched Purseonfleek’s video but I was shocked by the shallowness and the dumbness of this blondie. The world is doomed, there is no hope when we have so many shallow idiots on this planet. I guess that humankind tends to self-destruct. I had enough with her rant that basically defended Hermes and that seemed to put Purseonfleek down that I feel the need to write on this specific subject. I am not defending anyone here but isn’t it, it is anyone’s right to stop buying a certain product or brand? Especially if the customer service sucks?

I don’t understand how people still buy French luxury brands such as Hermes, Chanel, etc after receiving such bad abusive treatment. Are all these people masochists? Personally, I don’t want to give them money if they don’t respect me as a human being and treat me nicely as a customer. I don’t need whatever fake prestige that might come with owning this luxury bag. I rather buy Italian handbags, they are well-known for the good quality of their leather, they are also stylish, not overly expensive and give good customer service. Why do I want to be tortured, belittled, and insulted after giving them a huge amount of money? Just to show off my Hermes or Chanel bag? For prestige? To be seen as rich? I don’t get it. 

This blondie won’t be named here as many other channels have similar views with her regarding Purseonfleek’s Hermes video. I just want to share the madness of these fashion beauty YouTubers surrounding this particular video about Hermes which is known as the French handbags’ luxury brand. I don’t see the need or importance with all these YouTube vloggers responding to Purseonfleek’s video and I don’t understand the drama and the buzz created by these YouTubers out of this particular video. Especially at a time when the world is facing a worldwide pandemic, climate change, and an economic-financial crisis. It is insane and very insensitive that these people can be so ignorant about current world affairs and other people’s sufferings. There are many other important things to discuss or worry about, and definitely not a Herpes, I mean Hermes bag. This whole matter is so vain and insane. 

I would also like to share my experiences as an Asian woman who lives in Cote d’Azur France and who has visited Hermes, Chanel, LV stores in my area. In the Hermes store in Nice, I was treated and insulted like I was a thief. I was interrogated whether I resell this Birkin bag, basically I was accused of being a thief. When I already explained so many times that I bought the bag for a relative overseas who really wanted this Birkin bag and she has already owned several Kellys and Birkins. The purchase was also made under her name with her credit card. So they should have known that I was not lying because they already had my name and contact details. They knew I live in the area and if I remember correctly they had seen my ID (carte de sejour) card. But it didn’t stop them to treat me as inferior, being abusive and disrespectful to me. The memory was so horrible that I refuse to ever set foot in any Hermes store ever again and definitely will never buy any of Hermes’ products which I’ve never been fond of from the beginning. I don’t find Hermes has a nice design or style, it just screams pompousness. To add, the French’s perception of Hermes is that it is for old people. No young French people want to wear Birkin or Kelly, only the oldies (I mean granny grandpa age). 

As my experience in the Chanel store, was when I accompanied an acquaintance who was visiting France from the US. In the shop, my acquaintance was asked by an arrogant pompous Sales Woman: “Is this your first Chanel bag?” with a smirk on her face. She answered yes.

When we arrived at my house, I told her that she should have replied like this: “No madam (or mademoiselle if she is still young), this is my 120th Chanel bag. I am known as the next Imelda Marcos, I collect thousands of bags and shoes.” And say it with a grin or  a wide smile. 

Or if she is blonde, she can say she is the next Paris Hilton. And she can even say that she is the rival of Jamie Chua, a Singaporean woman and ex-wife of an Indonesian millionaire tycoon who famously owns hundreds of Birkin bags. Just to knock this Sales Woman out of her cocky haughty attitude. 

Jamie Chua and her Hermes bags collection
Jamie Chua, a Singaporean socialite with her hundreds of Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags collection.

I never buy Chanel to this day even though I admit I like its classic bag style because I refuse to be degraded as a customer and I don’t want to be associated with Nazi. Just research Coco Chanel (the founder of Chanel) and her history with the Nazi. I rather buy a similar classic style from other non-French brands.

I vote with my wallet. I try my best not to buy any product or service from coloniser and war criminal countries. I refuse to buy from any seller who disrespects me and from unethical companies. I try to be a smart responsible world citizen and I don’t want my conscience to be guilt-ridden. I make my purchase political and I encourage everyone to do the same.

France really exports its madness, pomposity, pretentiousness abroad. Bravo France, as it creates chaos and drama in the fashion beauty world of YouTubers from Australia at the very least. Very shallow vain stupid drama amid the pandemic outbreak, climate change, and economic-financial crisis, when we should be reducing consumerism. And Australia is far away from France, it is on a different continent. Or is this all just some kind of marketing strategy stunt from Herpes? Oops sorry Hermes.

If there is anyone in the world who can sell dog shit wrapped in chocolate, it’s going to be the French, because they are that good in marketing aka scam. I’m betting on the French, ok? This is the land of scammers, the country where scams are legalised. Courtesy of the incompetent lazy French government and officials. They just make laws, but never really apply or implement them. There is no justice in France, regardless of what they like to say about France, that France is a country of human rights. Yeah right, when children and women are abused horribly.

And YouTube, I am really not happy that you are censoring good quality content. You are just like fake mainstream media now.

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