Manufacturing Stupidity

Manufactured Stupidity

A Satire

A few years ago, in the quest for truth, something dawned on me: It’s in the title stupid! Doh! The answer is in the title!

Question of the day: What happens when the two most reputable scammers in Europe, the French and the Italians get together to write a Finance book?

Well they write the biggest Corporate Finance Con book ever.

The answer is already in the title Corporate Finance! It means it is finance for the Corporations, for the greed and profit of corporations and not finance for the general public. Do you get it now?

Corporate Finance book: The Book of Con
The Daltons is hired to write Corporate Finance (Finance d'Entreprise) book
Finance d'Entreprise (Corporate Finance) book - HEC Paris and Bocconi
The Anatomy of Manufacturing Stupidity in Finance

One of the authors of the book, who has passed away is the most sacred individual in the Banking Industry and Finance Education in France. Based on the French Wikipedia, he was the ‘leader’ of the team that founded the HEC Paris’ Finance Department in 1968. 

He even has Prize (Prix) named after him the “prestigious” Prix Vernimmen. This prize is supposedly given to “outstanding” professors but of course like Nobel Prize, it is fake people! 

Quote from Pierre Vernimmen

“Good financing never cancels out a bad investment.” Pierre Vernimmen, French investment banker and educator. 

Second question of the day: Do you see anything wrong with that statement above?

An investment bankster and an educator? A fox guarding the chicken coop?

How do you expect a banker to also be a teacher? Either he teaches you to become the next bankster or he will made you so stupid so you will never catch his con or crime. There is something morally wrong here.

There is an adage, it might be French: “Thief becomes banker and liar becomes politician.” So thief bankers teach Finance and wrote Corporate Finance book that is used in top universities in the world? Hello? This world has gone mad? Where is the control/supervision to ensure its education quality? It’s total corruption and fraud!

And look at the current French President Macron, he was an ex-Rotschild investment banker who didn’t know the accounting term ‘EBITDA’. So he was a banker and now a President (politician), so third question of the day: Based on the adage, that makes Macron a … and a …?

(* play a mysterious scary full of suspense music in the background *)

(*Mysterious someone with deep husky voice like Christian Bale’s voice in Batman saying this, it might as well be Batman, lol): “Meanwhile in some universities most probably in Europe, the indoctrination dumbing down and the manufacturing of stupidity are still going on.”

In the background scene, these professors and ex or still banksters are laughing their heads off. “These kids are so stupid, they probably also believe that Tower 7 collapsed because of the debris from the Twin Tower! Hahahaha”

But wait a minute Professors! Not all got duped or fooled. You are all just get caught in action for manufacturing stupidity!

Who’s stupid now?

Manufactured Stupidity

This satire is based on real events, the article relating to the Corporate Finance (Finance d’enterprise) book can be read here

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