Writing My First Romance Novel

Part A Memoir, Part Fiction

Writing My First Novel - Sianny Rooney

Here I am again, at a crossroads in my life. In the end I’ve decided to go all the way with it, pursuing a dream of becoming a writer. I’ve written some essays before about politics, economics, finance, and social issues but I have never written a fiction let alone a romance fiction.

The story is set in France and Indonesia. It is a love story between a French man and an Indonesian woman. It is a story about true love, fate and that true love does conquer all. That true love will always find its way to be together, crossing time and distance and conquers social status and all other human-made barriers.

From that description you might have guessed a bit of what it is all about, yes, some of it is like “Pretty Woman”, but set in an intellectual setting. You can say as well it is about the Crazy Rich French elite society. Ok, I can’t tell much more than that because you will guess the rest of the story. 

When Vincent Deschamps met Cinta Lestari, his life turned upside down. Coming from a long line generation of wealthy aristocratic French family he is not supposed to fall deeply in love with an “outsider” such as Cinta. The name ‘Cinta’ means love in Indonesian. 

A tragedy separated them apart, only to be reunited almost a decade later. This is the story about the life journey of two very different people, from a very different background, social status, race, nationality, and culture. 

I really would like to write a love story that makes tears fall down on your cheek, tear your heart out but makes you laugh and smile too. A type of book that at the end of it, makes you contemplate and longing for that true love in your life. 

As how this book will go, or when I will finish writing it, I don’t know. All I know is that I will try my best to write it with the goals outlined above. Part of this novel is a memoir of my life experiences in Paris and France and the rest is fiction. 

What motivate me to write this book is also the fact that there is no Indonesian writer who writes in English that I know of so far and that rarely any author writes about Asian especially Indonesian. And if there is anyone who write about Indonesia or Indonesian, it is from the perspective of the white people. As a result there is a lot of misconception about Indonesia and its people out there, especially in the West. 

I don’t want people to say that Indonesia doesn’t have a writer who writes in English and also to write about Asian and Indonesian from my own perspective as an asian. I want to voice that minority, the least heard people. I want to bridge that gap in the media and publishing industry if I may. 

As for the writing process, as a non-native English speaker as English is not my mother-tongue, it would be a lie to say that I don’t have challenges especially in terms of grammar and vocabulary. But I will do my best to write it correctly and hoping that I will get a kind and nice editor who will be patiently guiding and helping me in the process of getting this book published (if ever any publisher is interested in publishing it). 

As a result of this writing venture, I might be busier than ever, juggling between different startups and pursuing this dream. I will still try hard to write essay once in a while if there are topics that interest me that I must write it. 

Thank you for all the support all this time and please wish me luck in this exciting (but also daunting) endeavour. Wishing you all the best in your life as well.

Stay safe and happy!


Sianny Rooney

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