The Story of “Crétin Diplômé” (Moron with a Diploma) named Francois Noisy

The Beginnings of Cretin with Diploma/Degree


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Once upon a time, in a village in France there was a boy named Francois Noisy. Coming from a lower middle-class family, Francois dreamt of joining the army for a better life and a prestigious status as a military officer fighting for his beloved country. Francois was born most probably in a very Catholic family and his house where he grew up was adorned with photo frames of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the leader of the extreme right wing party “Front National”. Reaching adulthood, he developed an infatuation towards racist fake intellectual Eric Zemmour that his bedroom’s wall was full with posters of his idol Eric Zemmour. Since Francois Noisy was a little boy he has dreamt of joining Saint Crazy, the top and the most elitist military school in France.

Francois’ spirit is filled with false patriotic chauvinistic sense of being French and his mind as empty as a hollow tin inspiring to be a masculine brute wearing a badge of honour as a military officer and dreaming that hot sexy chics will all fall head over heels in love with him. He is loud but empty just like an empty tin/can makes loud noises.  

Equipped with delusional sense of superiority and arrogance,  and delusionally thinking he is the hottest man ever alive on earth with deadly charm and intelligence, he miraculously managed to get admitted to Saint Crazy. 

During his time in St Crazy Military School, Francois Noisy met his superior and mentor who later on became his Statistic Professor (also miraculously) at the Grande Ecole "HEC" (Haute Ecole de Cons - Great School of Idiots).

During his time in St Crazy Military School, Francois Noisy met his superior and mentor Xavier Bonehead, who later on became his Statistics Professor (also miraculously, don’t know how) at the Grande Ecole “HEC” (Haute Ecole de Cons – Great School of Idiots).

His mentor Xavier Bonehead is the one who inspired him to enroll in one of the most esteemed prestigious schools in the world named HEC Paris (Haute Ecole de Cons – Great School of Idiots Paris).  

In HEC Paris, he perfected his supreme idiocy through a series of very rigorous “stupidification” programs taught by renown world-class of Academic Idiots. Where the secret of being intelligent is not to think at all, but to suppress any brain cell and any critical independent thinking left.

Cretin With Diploma - HEC Paris

There you have it, the secret of how to become a “genius” from top world-class university “HEC Paris”. Now you understand the origin of Crétin Diplômé or how Cretin with Diploma(Degree) is created in the first place. This is its beginnings story. 

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