Breeder of Idiots “Éleveur de cons” – Clowns of HEC Paris (Les Guignols d’HEC) – A Satire

Inspired by French Political Satire Puppet Show "Les Guignols de l'info".

Les Guignols d'HEC/ Clowns of HEC Paris

Previously published on LinkedIn in September 2020 while this site was attacked.  


Bonjour, my name is Bernard (Monsieur B. Ramanantsoa, Breeder Dean of Pure Race of Idiots). We are breeder since 1881. People keep asking me the secret to my success as the most well known Dean/Breeder with the longest tenure. It’s very simple. We raise them “free range”. Here in Jouy en Josas, we have a big “coop” with a large farm land. We create environment that promotes and rewards idiocy. The most recent alumni are more idiotic compare to the older more senior alumni. 

For example, from our more senior alumni: DSK(Dominique Strauss-Kahn), graduated in 1971 is the most successful alumnus to date in the field of “Economic & Financial Terrorism” as Former Head of IMF. We also have boastful war criminal former President Holland, who proudly made brilliant admissions of his own war crimes in his book “Les lecons du pouvoir” (Lessons from Power). 

While our more recent alumni includes: 1) Benjamin Griveaux, who has to resign from government because of the infamous sex tape leak 2) Amélie de Montchalin (Holder of HEC Feminin Prize) who abolished Tax for the Wealthy (ISF) and doesn’t understand at all that we are still in economic crisis since 2008 and who told banks that they can get to people’s saving accounts for investment gambling. She definitely won the “Female Economic Villain Awards 2019”, 3) Agnès Pannier-Runacher who said that “France is like box of Smarties for BlackRock”. Agnès Pannier-Runacher is the winner of “Funniest Comment, Politician with the most talent to become comedian Award 2020” and “Airhead Award Nominee 2020”, but sadly she lost the competition to Marlene Schiappa. 

To top them all, we have Julie Graziani, who associated black babies with handicap. This genius remark didn’t escape the talented French comedian Tristan Lopin  who said that he will be peeing his pants if he were Eric Zemmour, because definitely there is a strong competition to be had here on who could be the most racist person on planet earth. Madame Graziani also furthered her genius remark by saying that “Women with Minimum Wage Shouldn’t get divorced”. With all these genius brilliant remarks she strongly won the “Airhead Award 2019”.

You see, HEC Paris is truly the place to be if you want to be a “World Class Famous Idiot/Clown”. We sincerely encourage you to come here to be “bred” or if you want to employ/hire our abundance of high quality intelligent breeding product results. 

HEC, Haute Ecole des C*NS (*bippps, censored), “Raising idiots since 1881”.


*** Below is not part of the satire. But it is part of journalism news to the world and a special message to the Indonesians out there. Fraud is everywhere, including in the education sector. So before wasting your money, time and energy, be a really informed individual to make a wise decision in choosing school.

HEC = “Sekolah Tinggi Idiot”(STI). Special translation is given to Indonesian language due to an uncalled for racism and sexism attack from a French alumnus to an Indonesian alumna where he told her to “Go Back to Indonesia” (Racism 101, big no no) and also at the same time insulted the whole country, its people and its quality of education (which is also an insult to all the teachers/professors with integrity I’ve met in my life growing up). Pssst, (*whispering) don’t mess with the Indonesians, (*deep dark husky voice) they are very intelligent…..

This white supremacist racist sexist French alumnus who graduated from St. Cyr military school before he went for his HEC Paris MBA also threatened her by telling her that people like her should be thrown to prison for daring to speak and tell the truth (he thinks I am as good as Julian Assange). An example of education failure, added on top of his ignorance, his idol whom he idolised and worship is none other than Eric Zemmour, the notorious racist sexist in the world of French Politics and Media. 

Several complaints have been lodged to the school, to HEC MBA Dean Andrea Massini and also HEC Alumni President Frédéric Jousset, but the complaints have largely been ignored. HEC Paris not only support but endorse his racism sexism mentality, and not only him, but in general it’s an institution that supports and endorses sexual harassment, racism and sexism. So far the attitude coming out from the school and the people working there is thug-like mentality. They are being really rude, mock, attack or threaten you. Contact has also been made to HEC Dean Peter Todd but with no success, due to no publicly listed contact details and when I sent him mail through his Linkedln account, to this date there has been no response. Apparently to this day he is still busy raising funds for HEC Paris’ Venture Capital and not look after his main duty to control and improve quality of education as Dean. It’s all “Money, Money, Money”. Based on the media ‘Liberation’, he also said to the students who are unfortunately still in HEC Paris that the investigation news from ‘Mediapart’ is a stun act from ‘MediaPart’ to smear and bring HEC Paris down despite the numerous proofs and testimonies from victims of sexual harassment, sexism, homophobia, and racism. His complicity and denial are beyond belief. 


Sianny Rooney

Canard Plus Editor/Satirist

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